Why should small charities be in the spotlight?

After much anticipation, the time has come. The week we have been preparing for is finally here. Small Charity Week, which is run by the FSI, is upon us and we can finally launch our We Love Small Charities campaign!

For the last ten days we have asked our eTapestry customers to write to us telling us “Why Should Small Charities be in the Spotlight?”

And really, we shouldn’t even have to ask the question. With the Charity Commission revealing in September 2014 that 159,174 out of 164,987 charities have a turnover of less than £1.5 million, small charities make up the majority of the not-for-profit sector.

So what have we learnt from our small charity customers?

They might be small but they make a HUGE difference.

Either competing with big charities or as a niche organisation and the only resource of its kind, it can be difficult for small charities to get their voices heard. But with the help of their supporters, passion and commitment, they make the world a better place, and can often see direct results of the work they do.

Small charities have the most amazing staff and volunteers.

Anyone running an organisation knows of the importance of dedication to succeed and make a difference. Staff members working for not-for-profits do an amazing job, and small charities are often lucky enough to build true families with their staff but also with their volunteers and donors. It is because of staff’s dedication and the precious time that volunteers offer up that makes change possible, and for small charities to deliver on their mission.

Because they are smaller they need to be more efficient and effective.

Limited funds means small charities can’t afford to spend the way larger charities do and buy lots of advertising and publicity. The money they get needs to be funnelled straight into the cause they are working for. But having limited funds doesn’t mean they can’t achieve, it just means they have to work better and more efficiently. Imagine working with such confines and still being able to deliver on their promise? It’s all down to keeping focus on their vision and believing in what they do.

Small charities are key to every community; providing much needed support where otherwise there would be none.

Whether immediate surroundings or working for a community internationally, small charities are working around the world to meet local needs that would otherwise go un-met. With the flexibility afforded to smaller organisations, small charities can react quickly and efficiently to problems they encounter around them, often because they work from within the local communities they are looking to help.

So let’s celebrate small charities this week, and help spread the word about what they do, so that they can keep up the amazing work for years to come.

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