Why we love small charities

With the FSI’s annual Small Charity Week taking place this month, which kicked off with ‘I love small charities’ day and the launch of their #ILoveSmallCharities campaign, the team here at Blackbaud thought we’d tell you why we love small charities too!

There are so many reasons to love small charities, that it’s hard to know where to start, but underpinning everything is entrepreneurship and big hearts. Small charities are ideas driven and creative, with dogged determination to really make a difference. They are the lifeblood of the not-for-profit sector!

Employees and volunteers of small charities have a genuine affinity for their cause, and what always prevails is their endless passion. I want to tell you about an organisation that I have worked with recently, who epitomise what it is to be a small charity.

I first met with Foundation For Jimmy back in February, and from the word go I could see and really feel how much this charity meant to everybody involved. Foundation For Jimmy was set up by Barry and Margaret Mizen following the tragic murder of their 16 year old son Jimmy in May 2008. Instead of allowing themselves to be beaten by his death, they were determined that something good would come of it.

Foundation For Jimmy is a small charity working to make young people safer, giving them support and direction, to discourage and prevent criminal activity and aggression. Ultimately, the Foundation seeks to establish and involve young people in becoming pro-active change-makers themselves: building a legacy of peace in Jimmy’s honour.

“Peace is not a destination, it’s a journey. Will you join us?”
Barry and Margaret Mizen, MBEs

Those who I met at Foundation For Jimmy were all wonderfully engaging and it was plain to see how important this charity is to them, and of course to all of the young people who they work with. In line with the training and support that they offer young people, many of whom volunteer for the Foundation and work in the office during holidays and weekends, I was fortunate enough to meet one of their young volunteers, with a bright future because of Foundation For Jimmy. That’s what it’s all about! They all get their hands dirty, working directly with young people, being the face of the Foundation in the community, with schools and local businesses, promoting what they do and raising awareness and support, all with a big smile on their faces.

This really is a testament to the front line work that small charities are involved in. It’s not just about a job for these people; it’s about overcoming obstacles to combat problems, piece by piece. Every charity that you can think of was a small charity once upon a time, even those household names and international giants. Let me tell you readers … size isn’t everything! Let’s hear it for the small charities, working their socks off to do amazing things!

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