Emerging Technologies You Should Keep an Eye On!

Year on year we’re amazed at all of the innovative and ground-breaking advances technology brings to the charity sector. Having the right tools in hand can make or break a campaign, and with the speed at which new methods appear it’s as important as ever to try and stay ahead of the curve.

Here are some of the exciting new technologies that we believe will make an impact throughout the rest of 2016.

NFC/Tap Donations

Hailed to replace the traditional “bucket on the street” donations, NFC is becoming a major part of everyone’s day-to-day lives. From Apple Pay to transport access, advertising and information delivery, the ease of processing information and transactions and the decline in physical cash carrying makes NFC a perfect way to take a donation or impart helpful information about your cause.

Crowd fundraising

Although around for a while, the charity sector is only just starting to implement crowd fundraising campaigns into their overall strategies and will certainly be an even bigger fixture in 2016 for causes across the UK. Crowd fundraising allows you to create something more personal to the fundraiser, giving them a choice to see a more tangible result from their fundraising in some instances. This also allows the fundraiser themselves to create their own campaigns that tie directly into your cause.


Away from payment processing, one of the things that will come up regularly when talking to organisations is the difficulty in easily creating high-quality imagery. In steps Canva. Gone are the days of having to outsource design work to a bearded hipster from East London with a hefty price tag attached. Canva boasts at being the “easiest to use design programme in the world” and with an eye for good visuals, you can jump straight in and use this free tool.


Social Media and beyond

Social media has now become an integral weapon in a charities arsenal, allowing the charity to engage the fundraiser and an opportunity to create a personal connection. Possibly the fastest moving area of technology at your disposal, there are new tools cropping up almost on a monthly basis. It is vital you find the right one for your supporters, so below is a short breakdown of some of the ones to watch next year.



Brought to you by Twitter, Periscope allows you to live-stream from any smart device. This is a fantastic tool to engage with supporters in a video format. We even used periscope this year to announce the winners of our #GivingTuesday competition, straight from the everydayhero UK offices.


Adam 5

Social media isn’t just about speaking with people on the outside, but can be very helpful as an internal tool. Slack is just that: a great way to float ideas, organise thoughts or send your favourite cat .gif to a colleague who has had a tough day campaigning on the streets.

Twitter & Facebook

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They are here to stay, and will be a big part of your supporters’ lives for a long time. Both platforms advance every year, bringing you more opportunity to make a connection – be it through deeper advertising analytics or simply allowing the uploading of different media formats. Be sure to keep an eye on the ever-changing platforms that so many of your supporters use.

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