First Dates with: Blackbaud Gift Aid Services

I’d heard so many good things about this Gift Aid, so I was optimistic about getting to know and find out more about their good friend – Gift Aid Services.


“So, Gift Aid Services, tell me about yourself, what do you do?”

Well, you know Gift Aid, good friend of mine. I work with him to enable registered charities to reclaim the tax on donations that are made by UK taxpayers. I take the hassle out of the process for charities by validating the forms and linking them to the right record in Raiser’s Edge . Ensuring they are always HMRC ready. The results are amazing, with more money coming in they love me! Using my services allows fundraisers to focus on doing what they do best – fundraise!

Unfortunately, I’ve recently felt a bit undervalued…You know, more people should know about the work I do. I’ve got big dreams, kid.


“Oh great! Tell me more, Gift Aid Services. How do you do this? What’s involved?”


With my team, we work to find all the valid declaration forms, update information in Raiser’s Edge and look for any additional Gift Aid that could have been missed. Lastly, we make sure charities are ready for an audit. Setting it all up for clean Gift Aid claims both now and in the future!

You could call me a modern day van Gogh, a hopeless romantic, whatever you like! Because the fact is, I feel that more people should know about my team’s great work.


“So it’s free money that can be claimed. Why wouldn’t charities use you?”


Absolutely! It’s been estimated that around £750 million is left unclaimed in Gift Aid each year in the UK. I just want to enable charities to claim what is rightfully theirs – it’s a win-win. I get to do what I love, and charities can claim money that is rightfully theirs. Charities may not know about me, which is why I’m here with you today.


“Wow, I’m impressed! It seems so easy. Is there anyone who has already made the most of the service?”


Oh yes, I’ve helped plenty of charities over the last 10 years. I see myself as an invaluable service, but a lot of people don’t know that there is a solution to the admin headache of processing Gift Aid! I’ve got some great stories of when I have worked with charities, like PETA. A great charity – one of my favourite jobs, this.


Read PETAs story.

To be continued…


After getting to know Gift Aid Services, I can safely say that it is one of the most useful tools that a charity can use. Did you know for example, the biggest online Gift Aid claim so far was £3.7million! Imagine what your cause could do with all of that extra funding.

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