10 Tips for Converting Event Donors

Is your organisation struggling to turn those who run, swim, jump, skydive and cycle on behalf of your charity into regular givers? And how about turning the supporters of your supporters into regular donors?

If both your answers were “not too well”, you’re sitting with the majority and I admire your honesty. If your answer was “brilliantly”, just remember nobody likes a show-off or a liar.

The fact is, turning those event and community fundraisers and their supporters into regular donors for your charity is one of the trickiest things to do as an Event Fundraiser. Many donors don’t even remember whom they’ve donated to hours after they entered in their bank details. Many more opt not to share their information with you or don’t wish to be communicated with after the donation. So finding and turning that small list of potential donors is tricky at best. And that’s even if your peer2peer platform provider actually provides you with the details of those who donate you money.

However, the potential is there! So we chatted to a couple of event fundraising pros and these tips are the result.

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