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Data Management Services


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Connect Your Community

Data Enrichment Services

With better data comes better relationships

Ensure your marketing communications reach your donor sand prospects on time and within budget.

Blackbaud partners with CCR Data to help you communicate more effectively with your constituents, better target your appeals and save production and postage costs.

You can also screen your data against the Telephone and Mail Preference Services – particularly important in light of the launch of the Fundraising Preference Service and GDPR.

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Uncover Missing Revenue

Gift Aid Management

Make Each Donation Go 25% Further!

“Thanks to Blackbaud, we have a very slick process in place and now have the peace of mind that all information relating to claims is there for us to access whenever we need it. The amount of time it saves us is phenomenal.” PETA

It is estimated that around £750 million in Gift Aid is left unclaimed each year. Research says that over 50% of charities do not claim Gift Aid as it can be a complicated process.

Blackbaud has collaborated with HMRC to provides a unique Gift Aid service developed specifically to meet your needs.

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Cost Effective Security and Safety

Blackbaud Hosting Services


Focus on your mission, not software maintenance

All the benefits of the Cloud by storing your data in our state-of-the-art data centres, saving your organisation the time and money associated with IT infrastructure, updates and installation.

You’ll get peace of mind knowing your data is secure and accessible 24/7.

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Payment Services Made Simple

Blackbaud Merchant Services

End-to-end processing services

Designed to make credit card processing simple, secure and affordable.

As a Blackbaud Customer, you can be automatically enrolled and don’t need to sign any long-term contracts. It’s secure, totally integrated with no hidden fees.

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A Helping Hand

Data Management Services

With better data comes better relationships

Blackbaud Data Management Services offers customers access to Blackbaud’s Customer Support expertise to provide data management facilities. Blackbaud will provide a Customer Support Analyst to perform tasks as required within The Raiser’s Edge. We provide a one-off bundle of hours, as well as quarterly and annual subscription services to best meet your requirements.

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