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GDPR comes into law on May 25th 2018. That may seem like a long way off, but to minimise any negative impact to your organisation from that date, you need to start getting ready to be compliant now.

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When it comes to preparing for GDPR, we’re right there alongside you.
Whether you’re just getting to grips with all the acronyms, or you’re already moving to an opt-in only model of consent, we’ve got a regular stream of best practice advice, tips and guides to help you through to May 2018 and beyond.


Webinar On-Demand:  Using Behavioural Science to Get More Opt-Ins
First aired on June 21 in partnership with our friends at DonorVoice, in this free 30 minute webinar you will learn about Dr Kiki Koutmeridou’s research into the psychology of effective marketing communications, with a focus on encouraging donors to opt-in to hearing from you in future.

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Blog: Higher Education and Schools
GDPR + Technology + Data = Mission Success

May 2017

GDPR presents a unique opportunity for the advancement sector to revisit goals and maximise the collective benefits for institutions and supporters alike. Dan Keyworth discusses how technology should empower you, not just to comply, but to deliver progressively relevant, personalised and engaging communications that reflect each contact’s interests and passions, and help you serve your mission.

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GDPR – What Should Non-Profits Be Doing Now?

May 2017

The most succinct summary of a complex issue you’re likely to hear, Blackbaud’s own Rob Gethen Smith takes less than 30 minutes to break down what GDPR is, what it means for non-profits, and what you should be doing now to get ready.

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GDPR – April 2017 Update

Turn GDPR into GDP-ahhhh. Our April blog gives you a five minute summary of the most important points and what you need to be doing now to get ready.

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GDPR – The Basics for a Fundraiser

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming in May 2018. As a fundraiser, what does that mean for you?

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GDPR & FPS – December 2016 Update

Key updates on Data Protection Reform following further releases of information from the ICO and Fundraising Regulator. What can we expect over the next few months, and what should non-profits be doing right now to get ready?

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GDPR & FPS – Blackbaud’s Position – Oct 2016

Over the last two years, enquiries, reviews, a media frenzy around over-communicating, a new fundraising regulatory body and a perceived public mistrust of the sector all mean that the next two years will see significant changes that affect us all. Take 3 minutes and digest our handy guide to what’s going on.

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Privacy Shield
Blackbaud in the first wave of companies to be compliant – 2016

Following the termination of the Safe Harbor agreement in 2016, Blackbaud was among the very first companies to be certified as adhering to the principals of its successor, the Privacy Shield.

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Blackbaud MD’s open letter to the Fundraising Regulator – 2016

As a provider of fundraising CRM software specifically for the non-profit sector, Blackbaud Europe has specifically technical concerns regarding the workability of the FPS proposal.

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Blackbaud Customers: Today

Start collecting opt-in consent now.

GDPR will require non-profit organisations who rely on consent as a basis for processing personal information to make certain that data subjects affirmatively opt-in to the processing of their data by you. Further, GDPR will require that organisations be able to demonstrate they have collected such consent. Whilst GDPR doesn’t come into law until May 2018, savvy non-profits are beginning to collect opt-in consent right now.

To help you do this, we have consulted closely with a wide range of customers as well as our Blackbaud legal counsel, and have produced a single User Guide that covers managing consent across the total suite of Blackbaud solutions. This means no matter which ones you use, you have clear, step-by-step instructions that will help you to collect consent, record consent, and then effectively use that consent to determine what processing activities may be taken with respect to each of your supporters.

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Blackbaud Customers: Going Forward

GDPR Product Roadmaps

In early July, the Blackbaud consent and preferences management roadmaps for our full suite of CRM solutions will be released, detailing new product development specifically tailored to enable non-profits to capture and evidence consent and accommodate other data subject rights in accordance with GDPR and the ePrivacy Regulation. The roadmaps will first be laid out in a series of webinars in early July, one each for eTapestry, Raiser’s Edge 7, Raiser’s Edge NXT and Blackbaud CRM, along with their associated digital solutions: NetCommunity, Internet Solutions and Online Express.
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Blackbaud recognises that advanced preparation for legislation like GDPR is critical for operational continuity, which is why all new features and solutions will be released for general availability in time for customers to prepare for compliance.

Blackbaud's GDPR Pledge

Data privacy has never been of greater importance to non-profits. Not only has the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) recently fined several non-profits in the UK, but a new Fundraising Regulator has been established for England and Wales with its Fundraising Preference Service (FPS) expected to launch this summer, and of course the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on 25 May 2018. To match this, Blackbaud’s commitment to data privacy is unequivocal:


1. We have published guidance around several immediate steps that we recommend non-profits take immediately, including ensuring: transparency of privacy notices; approval by trustees of processes around data privacy; conducting a ‘reasonable expectations’ test of practices; and moving towards opt-in wherever possible. We’re also including this topic at our regular Customer User Groups.


2. Our Customer User Guide which details how best to manage consent and preferences through our different solutions as they stand today.


3. We’ll be producing new, improved consent and communication preferences capabilities in our solutions in due course. The development work has already begun, and if you’d like to participate in any further customer discovery with the products team as things progress, contact us here.


4. Separate to the above, Blackbaud is participating in wider sector reviews of data privacy. For example, Blackbaud is participating in the CASE Europe Data Protection Working Group and chairing its Technology workstream that will publish guidance on technical considerations at the end of June. This guidance will be product-agnostic and not reference Blackbaud or any other suppliers. Blackbaud is also one of the co-sponsors of the CASE Europe Regulation and Compliance Conference on 14th June 2017.


5. Beyond all of these steps, Blackbaud is continually improving its solutions towards the end goal of enhancing the supporter experience, over and above any compliance requirements. Since the beginning of 2017, significant enhancements which positively impact upon supporters have been released to numerous solutions across the Blackbaud portfolio, including Raiser’s Edge NXT, NetCommunity, Blackbaud Enterprise CRM and Internet Solutions.

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