September Update: Raiser’s Edge Product Roadmap

In June 2017, Blackbaud detailed the changes to our solutions ahead of data protection reforms coming into force 25th May, 2018. The timescale for delivery of this functionality has changed since our previous communications.


GDPR and other Data Protection initiatives coming in 2018 require most of our customers to align their current fundraising and marketing practices in line with new laws. In particular, GDPR is driving changes in how you manage communication preference and consent in your Raiser’s Edge database. Existing functionality in Raiser’s Edge 7 and Raiser’s Edge NXT does allow you to be fully compliant with GDPR today, and our best practice recommendations of how to do this can be found here.

Where are we now?

If you haven’t already begun to align your practices with GDPR, we highly recommend that you begin as soon as possible. Blackbaud is available with support, services packages and customer success plans to aid you in this transition. Following the ICO’s recommendations and consultation with customers, we’re developing a number of new features to make compliance even easier in both Raiser’s Edge 7 and NXT. A particular focus is on the enhanced preference management capabilities, the release timeline of which has altered since our last communication in June.

What’s the change?

In June, we announced new planned functionality to add a Consent record type to the constituent record, which in turn would sync to Solicit Codes. Raiser’s Edge updates are released every two months and so, as planned, our September update will include the ‘behind the scenes’ backend consent enhancements, including code table configurations, to help make these changes possible. However, please note that we will not be releasing the front-end consent enhancements in November as originally planned, but are now scheduled to release this functionality in January instead. Additional functionality for Query, Import and Global options is planned to follow in our March release.

Why the change?

This change has been made both in response to feedback from our customers and on the advice of our engineering team. We appreciate that the end of year and seasonal giving period is significant to a number of the non-profits that we work with, and a major product release over this time is high-risk. Similarly, we’re committed to delivering an effective, risk-free and user-friendly solution across our entire solution set first-time.

What next?

We know that some customers are planning their GDPR strategies around the new functionality, and recognise that the new timeline is not ideal for some, and we do apologise if this affects your plans. The functionality we release will be as previously shown. In the meantime, keep following our guidance to track consent using Constituent Attributes, or start doing it if you haven’t already. We will provide you with instructions of how to map Attributes to the new Consent record when it goes live.

How can I learn more?

We recently ran a Raiser’s Edge roadmap webinar, which we’ve split into two recordings: one covering all the cool features that will soon be coming your way and another on the specific GDPR essential updates. Please see below for on-demand roadmap recordings for the Raiser’s Edge solution set (including Raiser’s Edge 7, Raiser’s Edge NXT, Online Express and Blackbaud NetCommunity), Blackbaud CRM (including BlackbaudInternet Solutions) and eTapestry.

Blackbaud recognises that advanced preparation for legislation like GDPR is critical for operational continuity, which is why all new features and solutions will be released for general availability in time for customers to prepare for full compliance.

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Blackbaud Customers: Collecting Consent User Guide

GDPR will require non-profit organisations who rely on consent as a basis for processing personal information to make certain that data subjects affirmatively opt-in to the processing of their data by you. Further, GDPR will require that organisations be able to demonstrate they have collected such consent. Whilst GDPR doesn’t come into law until May 2018, savvy non-profits are beginning to collect opt-in consent right now.
To help you do this, we have consulted closely with a wide range of customers as well as our Blackbaud legal counsel, and have produced a single User Guide that covers managing consent across the total suite of Blackbaud solutions. This means no matter which ones you use, you have clear, step-by-step instructions that will help you to collect consent, record consent, and then effectively use that consent to determine what processing activities may be taken with respect to each of your supporters.

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We want to hear from you!

We’d love to hear any feedback you have, and what more we can do to help you get ready for GDPR.



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