Blackbaud CRM for Higher Education

Blackbaud CRM is the leading external relations CRM platform purpose-built to meet the needs of enterprise-level and internationally operating higher education institutions.
It enables universities to expand and enhance relationships with individuals, groups and organisations – from alumni, donors and philanthropists, to businesses, corporate partners and government bodies. And it powers flexible data analysis and modelling to measure outcomes and impact, and develop a holistic understanding of constituents.
As a highly configurable solution, Blackbaud CRM is available preconfigured for rapid implementation across advancement and business engagement, and can be highly customised to meet unique, complex needs.
It powers institution-wide external relationships by integrating processes and sharing data across your university’s teams, technology assets and administration ecosystem.

The leading external relations platform for universities

Save time and money with a CRM solution specifically built to meet the needs of leading higher education institutions for both advancement and wider external relations.
Blackbaud CRM is purpose built for use by the world’s leading education institutions. Out-of-the-box, it fulfils the wide-ranging needs of external relations departments in a way unmatched by platforms developed for commercial use. Yet as a platform solution, it maintains the benefits of a highly configurable CRM platform.
Blackbaud CRM leverages and expands upon fundraising and donor management functionality pioneered and refined over 35 years in the market-leading Raiser’s Edge series of products. This is combined with the flexibility of a configurable platform CRM to join up alumni relations across departments or faculties, deliver business or cultural engagement initiatives, and take your engagement programmes to the next level with sophisticated marketing, reporting and CMS functionality.
This specialisation means there’s no need to customise Blackbaud CRM to meet the needs of your development office. It reduces implementation timescales and cost otherwise required to achieve an operational solution, such that advancement functionality can be live and delivering significant benefits within 6-12 months. And it provides your institution with a flexible platform for future growth.


University Of London Customer Story


Consolidate campus-wide alumni relations initiatives

Gain a holistic view of alumni relationships, and streamline development and relations initiatives from across your university’s faculties, colleges or departments.
Blackbaud CRM enables you to open up business processes and empower teams, departments or territories across your institution with relevant constituent data. And through integration with your wider administration ecosystem, it enables you to build a 360-degree view of your supporters .
You’re empowered to drive institution-wide consistency for teams undertaking alumni relations, whilst accounting for departmental differences in approach, through highly-configurable processes, sophisticated workflows and automation that supports multiple teams working collaboratively.
And with Blackbaud CRM’s granular user, role and site-based security you can tailor individual user’s access and experience of the platform, whilst flexible communication preferences personalise the supporter experience.

  • Tailor each individual user’s experience of Blackbaud CRM to unique needs and priorities.
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    Tailor user experience using a built-in page designer, granular site, role, user-based security and multi-currency functionality. Surface relevant information to each individual user of Blackbaud CRM based on their individual needs, and accommodate the varied needs of different teams or faculties with sophisticated custom work-flows.

  • See a 360-degree view of constituents by integrating your CRM with your wider administration ecosystem.
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    Achieve a single, holistic view of your supporters using automated integration tools to share constituent data through APIs, web services or scheduled imports according to need. Blackbaud CRM can integrate with systems for student information, financial accounting, online mentoring and networking, research information, identity and access management (e.g. Single Sign On), libraries, crowdfunding, and more to share relevant information across systems.
  • Drive deep relationship management by centralising supporter data from across your institution.
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    Blackbaud CRM empowers multiple stakeholders across your institution to engage simultaneously with constituents, with all interactions logged against a single record in a centralised CRM. And as a platform solution, Blackbaud CRM is built for performance and scalability with unlimited capacity for future growth. Meaning you’re empowered to open up your supporter data to teams, faculties and sites in phases as appropriate or as your university expands.

Alumni Management for Blackbaud CRM

Derek Clark

Advancement Services, Senior Director / The University of Georgia

“Adopting Blackbaud CRM has allowed us to redefine business processes and work more efficiently than ever before — UGA finished FY 2017 by setting new fundraising records again with three consecutive years of record-breaking fundraising. The results speak for themselves.”




Join the dots between all your external relationships

Synchronise your development and alumni relationships with the university’s wider business, cultural and public engagement programmes. Maximise stakeholder and funder relationships at individual, group or organisation level across both philanthropic and non-philanthropic partners.
Tie together your business engagement activities as they stretch across the research, advancement and employability arenas. Track wider memberships and volunteering, and understand how your constituents are engaged with the university’s libraries, museums, theatres or other cultural assets.
Blackbaud CRM is purpose-built to support both philanthropic and other revenue sources from multiple sources or geographies, and to help you understand all of your interactions and communications with external audiences.
It enables institutions to identify new opportunities and cultivate prospects towards raising income and stewarding funders, delivering research collaboration through sophisticated partnerships, and advancing your ambassadorial, professional, regional and international communities.

  • Use relationship mapping to visualise your university’s network of relationships.
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    Leverage your network of relationships from alumni and volunteers, to media and corporate partners, or government and public bodies. See where your supporter relationships intersect through visual representations and constituent maps, and understand constituent relationships at individual, group or organisation level to establish corporate hierarchies.

  • Leverage advanced reporting to see income and revenue generation at individual, team or campaign level.
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    Make use of Blackbaud CRM’s advanced, built-in roll-up and drill-down reporting, campaign dashboards and sophisticated query tools. Using flexible scoring, metrics and modelling, Blackbaud CRM empowers you to understand the value of individual constituents or groups, and focus supporter engagement where the return on investment is greatest.

  • Use in-built payment processing to manage processing and reconciliation of multiple revenue sources.
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    Integrated financial tools such as Blackbaud Merchant Services enable you to manage processing and reconciliation of card payments, Direct Debits, Gift Aid, international currencies and split applications, all through a PCI-compliant solution.


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Take advancement programmes to the next level

Expand advancement initiatives with sophisticated multi-channel marketing segmentation, deep reporting functionality and a CMS that directly links web properties to your CRM.
Blackbaud CRM’s inbuilt marketing tools and data warehouse empower leading universities to take the next step and deliver sophisticated advancement initiatives. Configure workflows to help you build out and track your fundraising and engagement processes exactly as you want them and automate steps as desired.
Empower teams and departments across your institution to deliver highly targeted, personalised and outcome-focussed campaigns while recording individual communications preferences with complete audit trails.

  • Use sophisticated, in-built marketing tools to deliver multi-channel communication efforts.
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    Harness fully in-built direct marketing and Internet Solutions to deliver complex marketing segmentation and build highly personalised multi-channel marketing campaigns across traditional and digital channels. Track interactions and score engagement, develop sophisticated email marketing campaigns, build custom online forms and link online engagement directly to Blackbaud CRM with an in-built content management system. And as a web-based application, ongoing enhancements, such as for Fundraiser on the Go™, Advanced Import and SKY Reporting, are made through Blackbaud SKY™.

  • Fully extensible with Software Developer Kit included to facilitate self-empowerment.
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    Blackbaud CRM is built on Blackbaud’s proprietary software and couples our unique expertise as the leading cloud software provider powering social good, with our strategic partnership with Microsoft and other leading technology providers. Blackbaud CRM is fully extensible with advanced Page Configuration tools and complete access to the Software Developer Kit, empowering you to streamline processes and build solutions bespoke to your institution.

  • Harness a built-in Data Warehouse to quickly report and query your constituent data.
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    All your data is analysable and extractable, and accessible on any device. Standard fields for the wide array of external relations data, and an in-built, industry-leading Data Warehouse power intuitive analysis, dashboards and reports. Coupled with ‘smart’ queries and OData, Blackbaud CRM optimises performance and helps institutions gain insight to drive intelligent decision making.


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Join a global network of leading higher education institutions

Blackbaud CRM is already the solution of choice for a global community of 50 leading higher education institutions.
We’ve been working exclusively with the education and non-profit sectors for over 35 years. So our deep understanding of the education sector, and ongoing commitment to education institutions, is unrivalled. This singular purpose is leveraged in Blackbaud CRM to deliver best-in-breed development functionality to our university clients.
Already in use by UK institutions such as University of Oxford, UCL and University of London, and charities such as British Heart Foundation and The National Trust, Blackbaud CRM is tried, tested and proven. It’s the solution of choice for leading institutions around the world, from the University of Hong Kong, University of Georgia, Yale University, to QUT and University of Western Australia.
As a platform solution, new functionality is continuously added to meet customers’ bespoke technology needs. The result is an extensive library of apps and add-ons built by Blackbaud specifically for leading universities, a wide range of Technology Partners, and a global user community. All of which can be drawn on when configuring and extending your own tailored instance of Blackbaud CRM.
Our commitment to Blackbaud customers across our solutions is reflected in the £80 million investment annually into research and development. Development of Blackbaud CRM for education institutions is guided by over 45 institutions that make up the Blackbaud Higher Education Product Advisory Group. The Group meets every other month to drive forward technology innovation across the globe.

Blackbaud CRM Customer Stories


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