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Save time and money with an affordable, cloud-based fundraising CRM developed specifically for growing charities.

eTapestry helps you manage your relationships and deliver your mission.

Overcome the challenge of limited resources by streamlining your processes within one fundraising platform.

Combine you supporter database with best-practice reporting, email marketing and fundraising dashboards.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and stop juggling multiple platforms!



Fundraising and Donor Management for Growing Non-profits


Save time and money

By combining your non-profit’s activities within one affordable, cloud-based CRM solution:

  • Bring all your supporter data together within one database. See all your campaign, reporting and supporter information with this easy-to-use donor management solution. 
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    Centralised supporter management and stewardship:

    Function more efficiently, better engage donors, and save costs by consolidating information within a single solution. eTapestry stores all your valuable information to provide one view of relationships, campaign efforts and performance across the organisation.

    No back-up, maintenance or upgrade fees:

    There are no upgrade, backup or maintenance fees associated with eTapestry and, because it’s cloud based-based, the only hardware you need is your laptop or mobile device. You’ll get unlimited user licenses with all our subscriptions, and pricing is based on your record numbers so that eTapestry grows in step with your organisation.


  • Access your data 24-7 from any device with a web-based application. Manage your supporters from your desktop, tablet or mobile device at any time and from any location. 
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    Cloud-based Solution:

    eTapestry is delivered through the cloud, with the guarantee that data is safe, secure, and available on a 24/7 basis. Data is automatically synchronised so information is available to everyone at your organisation.


    Get out from behind your desk and in front of your donors. Launch eTapestry from any smartphone and instantly look up donor information, add or edit contacts, and check progress via dashboard reporting


  • Keep your data safe and secure at zero effort to you, and reduce the burden of IT maintenance. We’ll take care of your data for you. 
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    World class security:

    Your data is fully encrypted, not just for login information but for all eTapestry functions. You’ll be protected by the latest firewalls, router setting and storage devices and protected against disasters like fires, viruses and reduce the risk of accidental loss.



eTapestry on a laptop


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Professionalise your fundraising and donor management

With communication and fundraising tools to help you attract new supporters and increase fundraising income:

  • Increase engagement with your supporters with built-in marketing tools. Send targeted emails, collect donations and run peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns from within eTapestry. 
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    Built in Email Marketing:

    Build emails in a number of templates, with an HTML editor, spam analysis tool, scheduled delivery options and measure your engagement.

    Social Media Integration:

    Easily share content over social networks straight from eTapestry, with built-in social sharing tools that allow you to track how content is being shared online, and ensure you are sending the right messages to the right people.

    Everydayhero Integration:

    eTapestry is fully integrated with JustGiving, Blackbaud’s peer-to-peer online giving platform, so you can connect directly to the people that sponsor your fundraisers and see your entire fundraising universe with no effort.


  • Drive support for your non-profit by linking your website to your database. Build great-looking online forms for volunteering and donations and take away the need for manual data-entry. 
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    Do-It-Yourself Online Forms:

    Create online forms that look fit the design of your webpage and are fully mobile responsive. Constituent data is automatically processed, collected and stored, with supporter data added and updated automatically.


  • Improve fundraising with built-in payment processing that lets you process gifts, pledges and donations, and automatically record them in your database.
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    Blackbaud Merchant Services:

    Our end-to-end payment processing tool, is included with eTapestry. That means you can process credit and debit card transactions within your CRM and automatically log gifts against your donors. It’s simple, secure and affordable, so you can spend more time and money on delivering your mission.


Build stronger, longer-lasting supporter relationships

With cultivation and stewardship tools that give you a holistic view of all your supporters:

  • Build a deeper understanding of your supporters and understand their individual relationship with your organisation. 
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    eTapestry Journal:

    FeTapestry’s journal records all your interactions with constituents on an individual level. So you can see each donation or pledge a supporter has made, and document every communication you’ve had with them; from email to phone calls, event participation or other appointments.


  • See campaign and supporter performance in an instant with dashboards that show you how much your campaigns have raised and identify your top donors. 
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    Dashboard Reporting:

    Thanks to dashboard reports, there’s no need to go digging for information. With pre-configured dashboards that update automatically, you can keep track of your campaign progress and see at a glance who’s contributing most to you mission.


  • Easily report on results and query your data with powerful reporting and analytics tools to drill down into your results and easily create supporter segments. 
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    Reports and Queries:

    With eTapestry, you can quickly and easily pull reports that help you see the giving dynamics of your supporters and manage your database. At the click of a button, you’ll be able to analyse your email success, have duplicate constituent records surfaced to you, or run queries to find constituents and segment your supporter data.

eTapestry pricing and modules

eTapestry has been built to be scalable and affordable. So no matter the size of your growing organisation, we’ve got a solution that fits.

And on top of your package, you can add additional modules, training or consultancy services. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

  • Additional Records
    In blocks of 2,500, 5,000 or 15,000.

  • Additional Advanced Emails
    In blocks of 50,000, 100,000 or 250,000 unique emails.

  • Monthly Training Subscriptions or Consultancy Services
    Consultancy by hourly and daily rates according to need.

  • Advanced Security, Social Media Finder or Online Shopping Cart.

Note: Telephone Support is compulsory for all eTapestry packages at an additional £30/month

eTapestry will provide your organisation with the personalisation and segmentation of donors you want but the efficiency and effectiveness you need. It is honestly like having an extra fundraiser in the office!

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Never miss another donor with JustGiving integration

JustGiving Integration

Simple, accurate and automated.

Once you’re set up, donor data collected by JustGiving is seamlessly transferred into eTapestry overnight, every night — including consent information.

So you can pull new supporters into your fundraising campaigns, and never miss out on data that can drive your organisation forward.


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