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Operate more efficiently, reach and engage new donors and retain existing supporters.

Raiser’s Edge NXT is a complete fundraising and supporter management solution for non-profit professionals.

Start working smarter, build more support for your mission and improve fundraising.


Complete Cloud Fundraising and Supporter Management


Operate more efficiently

By streamlining data, reporting and processes within one smart, all-inclusive cloud solution:

  • Streamline your processes to save time and money. Consolidate your fundraising campaign, reporting and donor data into one, easy-to-use donor management solution. 
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    Work Center:

    Bring your organization together, with role-based work centers built specifically to help track individual and team performance, manage portfolios and quickly see last touch points. With a smart, prescriptive setup, Raiser’s Edge NXT surfaces information and suggests tasks to you based on your specific goals, preferences and activities in the system, and your constituents’ activities and status.

    Volunteer, member and alumni engagement:

    Engage volunteers, members or alumni to increase the likelihood of becoming a donor. Manage volunteer hours and projects, prepare membership cards and renewal notices, or manage alumni across families and relationships.


  • Measure performance to make smarter decisions. Get a clear view of performance with intuitive reporting and dashboards track key metrics like donor retention and acquisition. 
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    Sky Reporting

    Raiser’s Edge NXT’s dashboards visualize the performance of actions, campaigns, appeals, and other areas.

    With Sky Reporting, you can connect insights across your organization by creating easily customizable reports. Set goals to improve KPIs and manage your organization’s performance to those goals.

    Access key supporter insight anywhere, anytime, from any device, so you can break down silos and barriers that can hinder the decision-making process. Read the Blackbaud Sky datasheet to find out more.


  • Connect your non-profit with an open, cloud platform that integrates across systems. So you can drive collaboration across your organisation. 
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    Sky API:

    Raiser’s Edge NXT’s Sky API is the enabler for broader and more closely integrated total solutions, based on REST principles, making it standard, simple, secure and scalable for developers and clients.

    The open cloud platform improves visibility into performance across your organization and increase internal collaboration. Reduce the time you spend manually importing or transferring data by connecting information across systems.

    Sky API helps you make better decisions by removing data silos. You can easily extend and customize the functionality of your solutions to fit with your organization’s needs. Find out more with the Sky API datasheet.


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Engage supporters and reach new donors

With communication and fundraising tools that help you attract new supporters:

  • Increase engagement with in-built email marketing. It’s easy to tailor and segment communications to your supporters and understand the impact of your multi-channel campaigns. 
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    Email Marketing:

    Build communications that engage and interact, segment lists using analytics, send professional emails (formatted for mobile devices) and measure open conversion rates with Online Express. Find out more about Online Express.

    Online Giving Forms:

    Online Express also provides the tools you need to drive revenue on your website. This includes unlimited online forms that match your website that you can use to take donations, event sign registrations, or even membership sign ups.

    Campaigns and Appeals

    Analyze the effectiveness of appeals and solicitations used to bring in gifts, such as direct mailings, phonathons, auctions, or gala events. Quickly determine which appeals resonate with donors and which to reconsider or tweak for future solicitations.


  • Drive first-time donations with integrated online forms that make giving easy, then automatically process online gifts, pledges and payments through your website. No manual entry required. 
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    Payment Processing:

    Blackbaud Merchant Services automatically accepts, reconciles, processes and posts payments and receipts right to your database. Find out more about Blackbaud Merchant Services.


  • Reach out to prospects by connecting digital and social media strategy with traditional channels like events and community fundraising. Understand your supporters’ relationships and turn supporters into lifelong donors. 
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    Events management:

    Promote and manage your events, from attendee invites to registration and processing either before or day of event. Make sure the day runs smoothly with RSVPs, seating charts, processing payments, mobile and eliminate paper use in the process.


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Retain and expand existing supporters

With cultivation tools that help you act on key insights and drive growth over time:

  • Retain more supporters by discovering donors at risk of lapsing and taking action. See key acquisition metrics and prioritise interactions with constituent groups. 
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    Donor Retention Insights:

    To help prioritize interactions and constituent relationships, you can view key statistics of your donor acquisition and retention— including how many were new, retained, or recaptured; how many lapsed, started to lapse, or were lost; and their overall impact to giving. Smart notifications let you know when a donor is lapsing to help you determine the root cause and how to turn the trend around.

    Recurring Gift Management:

    You have access to tools to manage a recurring giving program and will allow constituents to make donations via their credit card, debit card, checking account, or savings account either on a one-time basis or on a recurring basis on a schedule defined by the user.


  • Upgrade major donors with analytics that help you find top prospects. Plan and track opportunities and relationship building, and leverage giving data and consumer trends. 
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    Opportunities, Major and Planned Givings:

    Plan and track opportunity efforts to build relationships with prospects and secure major & planned gift opportunities. To analyze the progress of your active efforts and quickly identify bottlenecks, you can view how many opportunities are at each stage of your solicitation process.


  • Expand advocates by empowering supporters to raise money on your behalf. Integrate with crowdfundraising tools to gain viral support. 
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    Peer-to-peer Fundraising:

    Give your supporters the ability to create viral online campaigns that raise awareness, support, and cash for your cause. Everdayhero provides the tools for supporters to set up personal fundraising pages for your cause, and Online Express enables social sharing to make it easy to share and ask friends and family to give. Find out more about Everydayhero.

    Tribute and Memorial Gifts:

    Diversify your fundraising with tribute management that tracks who is being honored or memorialized, reports what has been given, and acknowledges the donor.


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Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device


The only cloud system custom-built for non-profits

Raiser’s Edge NXT is a cloud based solution. That means that your IT department saves time that would otherwise be spent provisioning, maintaining and updating your fundraising CRM.

It also makes Raiser’s Edge NXT easier to integrate with your other systems and administration ecosystem, so that you can share data across your teams and organisation.

And because it’s cloud based, you can access Raiser’s Edge NXT from any device using your web browser. It’s fully mobile responsive, meaning you have access to your CRM at all times on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

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