Operate more efficiently.

Retain and expand existing donor relationships.

Reach and engage new supporters.

Smart cloud fundraising and relationship management for non-profits.


The Tools You Need

To Deliver on Your Mission

Simple, Beautiful Interface

All of your supporters in one place and record how they have interacted with you over time, from gifts given, to hours volunteered, to events attended and much more.

Online Fundraising & Email Marketing

Enrich your donor journey by creating segmented lists and sending targeted mobile friendly emails to supporters. Raiser’s Edge NXT is fully integrated to allow multi-channel fundraising and conversion analysis.

Work Centre

Empower your team with donor and gift portfolios to provide live feedback on what needs their attention. Track individual and team performance through real-time dashboards.

Events & Crowd Fundraising

Promote and manage your events directly through NXT. Build email campaigns to target attendees and register and process their fees.  Give your supporters the ability to create viral online campaigns that raise awareness, support and money for your cause.

Online Giving

Build PCI compliant responsive donation, event and membership forms that feed directly into your database. Simply copy and paste the system-generated code into your CMS to automatically style the page according to your branding and styling.

Wealth Analytics

Determine your U.S. constituents’ overall wealth with built in wealth capacity analytics, in order to help segment your prospects and determine how best to cultivate relationships with them. (U.S. constituents only)

Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device

Welcome to the Cloud - Powerful functionality in the palm of your hand

SKY Reporting

Access the information you need to drive your fundraising strategy

A number of obstacles often prevent non-profits from accessing the information they need in order to determine their organisation’s performance and drive fundraising strategy forward. Complex and disparate data sources, a lack of user licenses, no cloud technology and insufficient depth in reporting capabilities are some of the most common barriers to accessing vital information. To help non-profit organisations overcome these challenges, Blackbaud introduces SKY Reporting. The initial release of SKY Reporting in Raiser’s Edge NXT is focused on enabling stakeholders to discover opportunities, share knowledge and act on information to drive results through:


Visualise the performance of actions, campaigns, appeals and more with informative dashboards.


Gain a clear picture of not only what is happening, but why it’s happening, with robust drill-down reports.

Performance Metrics

Benefit from a quick view into key indicators like donor acquisition, retention and revenue, with non-profit performance metrics.

Key Supporter Insights

Gain one-click access to key supporter insights anywhere, anytime, from any device, so that barriers to the decision making process are broken down.

Work Centre

Leaders can keep informed with key insights and recommended actions to take, so that a discovery can become organisational change.

Self-Service Lists

You will not only connect the dots but also close the loop—from creating the target invite list for an event to emailing the invite, actions can be taken directly from Raiser’s Edge NXT.


Already a Raiser's Edge 7 user?

The move from RE7 to NXT couldn't be simpler!

One-Step Transition

Transitioning from RE7 to NXT is incredibly straightforward and involves no data conversion. Once you've signed up for NXT, we take care of the everything for you. There is no learning curve for existing, hosted Raiser’s Edge™ customers. It's that simple!

Strong Integration

Enjoy complete integration with your other Blackbaud solutions, enabling you to eliminate the time investment and error margin associated with duplicate data entry processes.

Rapid Innovation & Ongoing Updates

Enjoy a steady stream of enhancements and new releases that are automatically added to your system. You can be certain you’re always using the latest version of Raiser’s Edge NXT without having to worry about updates.

There’s an enormous wealth of resources available for existing Raiser’s Edge users. From recorded webinars to training to blogs to our Community, you’ll discover everything you need to know about using your CRM.


Your Guide to Selecting CRM Software

We’ve put together some free downloadable resources to give you a hand finding the CRM solutions that’s right for your organisation.


Free Guide

Your step-by-step process for choosing a new fundraising CRM for your growing charity.


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Debunking the CRM

What is a CRM system? What can actually they do? A quick run down on CRM systems


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Top Tips

Only have a minute? Our two-page tipsheet will set you on the right track in no time.


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